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Barhale improves efficiency with switch to digital forms

21st May 2024

Within the civil engineering and water sectors, Barhale continues to be a driving force in the digital revolution and we are committed to making strides in creating efficiency within our business and boosting productivity. With this in mind, we have transformed our Integrated Management System to encompass a full suite of digital forms developed using the Ermeo platform with complete functionality embedded into the Barhale operating system. Having the functionality through our dedicated operating system offers users a seamless solution that is beneficial to our ways of working and business efficiency.

What is it?
The system used to create our digital forms is a cutting-edge Mobile Workforce Management solution used to streamline data capture, automate form completion and enhance record management, particularly around quality assurance. Forms can be completed on a laptop, smart phone or tablet with functionality dedicated to efficient and effective user interface.


Why use it?
Creating digital forms removes the need for site-based paper forms, which can be linked to our existing systems. It cuts down printing and paper costs and project information and dates are auto populated, making forms easier to complete. Furthermore, forms are geo-tagged which offers benefits when compiling contemporary records, for example correlation of pipeline works. It also gives the business a better-quality output in the way the forms are controlled and prompts users to ensure all required fields are completed.

Other benefits

  • Forms can be completed more efficiently and effectively, such as completing onsite with no need to go back to the office
  • Paper copies are no longer necessary
  • The system gives instant access to records
  • The system enables geotagging and photos to be incorporated into the digital output
  • The seamless transfer reduces admin time
  • Overarching dashboards identify work trends and enable analysis of outputs

Programme roll-out
Currently, the programme is being rolled out to staff in all regions until June 2024, with existing assurance systems running in parallel to January 2025. All staff that need to use Ermeo will benefit from the training offered, which includes Project Managers, Agents, Engineers and Technicians.