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In the saddle with active travel initiative at Walthamstow site

22nd March 2021

Working on behalf of Thames Water at Walthamstow Wetlands presented a fantastic opportunity for us to trial a new element in our carbon reduction drive with a first use of pedal power on site.

Our latest vehicle, a mountain bike equipped with a trailer, has been a popular addition to the fleet according to General Foreman, Alan Seeby. “It is easy to associate Barhale with the use of heavy machinery,” he said, “But we are also a business that cares about the environment so we believe every step we take to reduce emissions, however small, is beneficial.”

“There will certainly be more sites where we introduce and encourage the use of push bikes. They’re good for the planet and good for the team’s health and wellbeing too.”

Thames Water’s Lea Valley Performance Manager, Daniel Brackley, described the initiative as a “welcomed development and a step in the right direction towards hopefully realising a very important objective for the industry.”