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Successful Completion of Medium Pressure Gas Diversion

7th February 2024

We’re thrilled to share that Barhale, under contract with EKFB, successfully completed a challenging medium pressure gas main diversion on Gawcott Road, Calvert, Buckinghamshire. Working closely with EKFB and SGN (Scottish Gas Network), Barhale relocated approximately 1100m of a 180mm Medium Pressure Main using innovative open-cut methodology across existing fields and a new road.

Despite facing various delays, issues, and restrictions, Barhale overcame challenges with determination and expertise. A standout achievement was the implementation of new equipment for pipe laying, using a laysafe system for the 100m pipe coils of 180mm OD.

This critical diversion played a pivotal role in EKFB’s project timeline, allowing them to achieve a major milestone – the removal of a bridge and the opening of a new road. Notably, the diverted main now serves a community of 234 houses plus HM Prison Springfield and HM Prison Grendon.

A special highlight to note is that Barhale stands out as the sole company to successfully deliver a gas diversion and completing the handover package to EKFB/SGN. Congratulations to the entire team for this remarkable accomplishment!